Complete facility shutdown services are performed by our strategic alliance LIQUIS. See more at ABOUT LIQUIS Within most companies, there are overlapping areas of responsibilities concerning the many assets involved. The asset recovery specialists at LIQUIS can work with your company to satisfy all the involved stakeholders quickly and efficiently, while maximizing the return for you.


Below are the four key constraints that must be managed properly for a successful shut-down:

Variety of assets
• Office furniture
• Computers
• Servers
• Raised flooring
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Battery back-up facilities
• Industrial battery options
• Pallet-racking
• Electrical switchgear
• Forklifts
• Conveyor
• Generators and electrical equipment
• Workbenches
• Industrial Air Conditioner
• PDU or Power Distribution Unit
• Other specialized equipment

Variety of Stakeholders
• Facilities Manager
• IT Hardware Manager
• Production Manager
• Finance Manager

Time Constraints
• Tax considerations (end-of-year valuations)
• Building owner deadlines
• Lease Terms
• Asset buyers’ terms

Quantity of Assets
• Large quantities of assets require experience and the appropriately skilled manpower to adhere to schedules, as well as the knowledge to find the right markets for liquidation.
• Small quantities require patience and experience to liquidate in the markets that bring the most value, and not necessarily the easiest and quickest markets.

Your time and energy are best spent on your core competencies. LIQUIS has the experience, breadth of knowledge and worldwide marketing approach to liquidate your disparate assets in quantity, on time and to your satisfaction.

Please contact The Office Liquidator to arrange to meet in person or to schedule a conference call to discuss how our experience can work for you when shutting down a facility or undergoing technology migration. Call us at 855.399.5816. We look forward to working with you.
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